About Likewise Skincare

I developed Likewise Skincare in direct response to my patients’ needs. I am a medical dermatologist, Mohs skin cancer surgeon, and cosmetic dermatologist with practices extending from Nashville, Tennessee to the Alabama border. My patient population is diverse, yet every patient needs and wants the same thing -- an effective, easy skincare routine which decreases the risk of skin cancer and minimizes the early signs of aging.

“Likewise” is a word that is used when agreeing with a statement that also applies to yourself. I wanted to do what was best for my skin, so I carefully chose the ingredients that are used in my skincare products. I worked closely with a world-renowned chemist to ensure that all of my products contain a combination of scientifically-proven ingredients which are extremely effective, yet allow for a simplified skincare routine.

It’s important to me that my patients have affordable access to the same effective, high-quality skincare that I have. Let me help you protect and rejuvenate your skin so that we can all say “Likewise”!

-Dr. Julie Pena