2 Supplements You Need in Your Anti-Aging Regimen

We’re always looking for new ways to incorporate anti-aging efforts into our lives, be it a change it in our diet or lifestyle. A great way to do this is to consider taking oral supplements! If you’re looking for the next one to add to your medicine cabinet (and up your anti-aging game), look no further than these two:

Polypodium leuctoma (PL) extract

Taken from a fern in South America, this little antioxidant actually offers you SPF 8 protection (yes, you can now swallow a pill to protect your skin from the sun!). While this number is on the low side, the benefit of this extract is that it can amplify the effectiveness of your sunscreen and can even protect parts of your body that we tend to forget about. Moreover, it can reduce your worries when you’re running in the sun or leaving the pool – this extract has got you covered, literally!

Recommended dose: One PL pill per day.


This ingredient has been used for a variety of purposes, from lightening pigmented skin to even treating arthritis. After several studies and reviews, it’s been found to be incredibly helpful for patients hoping to target visible aging. Glucosamine can improve skin hydration, help reduce your wrinkles, treat hyperpigmentation effectively as well as facilitate wound healing. Talk about a multitasking ingredient!

Recommended dose: 1,500mg daily.

Source: Dermatology Times

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