3 New Skincare Treatments to Get Excited About

At the recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, several new treatments coming down the pipeline were discussed, which I’m very excited to share. From eczema to rosacea and eye bags, the dermatology world has been hard at work trying to source solutions for their patients!

1. Eczema treatment gets more interesting

Given that there haven’t been a lot of new eczema treatments in the past years, it’s exciting to hear that a new, investigative topical treatment showed positive outcomes in children and adolescents. In comparison to steroids or topical calcineurin inhibitors currently used, the ointment functions by directly inhibiting the part of the immune system that’s responsible for eczema, rather than just suppressing it. After four weeks of twice-daily treatment, the trial showed an average 78% reduction in the affected area!

2. Ultrasound therapy may help rosacea

After using micro-focused therapy to target type 1 rosacea, “patients were dramatically improved”, said Dr. Joel Schlessinger. Their study aims to enrol 88 patients, and they hope to deduce how exactly the ultrasound therapy improves rosacea. As of now, they suspect that the use of such high energy helps activate blood vessels, but until then they continue to test the efficacy of the therapy.

3. Eye bags could be removed non-surgically

A new ointment containing an active ingredient used in the treatment of gluacoma is showing some promise in treating periorbital fat, or eye bags. The XAF5 ointment resulted in a 75% improved facial appearance, with 85% of patients feeling satisfied with the treatment. Recognizing that a majority of body and face contouring treatments involve surgery, the company hopes to address the underlying need for more topical treatments, and could be the first of its kind if it’s approved.

These are all fantastic potential treatments that could make it to the market, and hopefully it will help patients looking for new answers. I look forward to tracking the progress of the trials and seeing some new treatments!

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