3 Steps to The Perfect Peel

Does your skin feel dull lately? Trying all the masks and invigorating moisturizers on the market, but can’t seem to bring the vibrancy you want to your face? A great way to perk you and your skin up is getting a chemical peel! This is incredibly helpful especially if you’ve got some wrinkles you want to keep under wraps, or if your skin is drying out and is in need of some serious hydration…

Dr. Pena looked at some research and was able to recommend the following step-by-step process:

  1. Revive your skin by getting a series of five, professionally applied peels every two weeks.
  2. Request a 70% glycolic acid peel to be left on for four minutes, or a 15% trichloroacetic acid applied in 2 layers separated by 2 minutes.
  3. To maintain your results and post-peel appearance, always use a daily zinc-based moisturizer with SPF, as well as a glycolic acid, as tolerated. (P.S. Our line of Moisturizing Defense products come equipped with micronized zinc oxide for superior sun protection! Check it out here.)

The results? Wrinkles improve, dehydrated skin becomes a distant memory and dark patches on your face begin to lighten. It really is that simple! Rest assured that even though redness will occur after the treatment, it will fade quickly.

Sometimes it seems like we’re doing all the right things for our skin to no avail, but it’s important to remember that we build up layers of dead and dull skin fairly easily that can prevent your natural glow shining through. So, make sure you treat yourself to a peel or even a facial on the regular – your skin will love you for it!

Source: Evaluation of the 70% Glycolic Peels Versus 15% Trichloroacetic Peels for the Treatment of Photodamaged Facial Skin in Aging Women. Marlena Kubiak,MS, Paulina Mucha, Renata Debowska, and Helen Rotsztejen, PhD. Dermatol Surg 2014; 40:883-891.

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