4 Nutritional Supplements You Should Be Taking for Psoriasis

Psoriasis patients, we’ll level with you. We know that on top of trying to manage your skin condition, you deal with unpleasant side effects that your medication comes with, which makes choosing a treatment all the more difficult. That’s why you should definitely be aware of the studies done on these four nutritional supplements:

  1. Fish oil is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which can work towards calming all that nasty inflammation. Even better, this effect is enhanced when you combine it with other therapies, so if you’re already undergoing therapy, this is a great way to support that effort.
  2. Vitamin D pills seem to be quite beneficial as they help slow down your cell growth, fighting back against the way psoriasis increases your cell growth. But you can hold off on visiting the pharmacy until more controlled studies have been done – doctors can’t officially recommend it to you just yet! Even though more and more psoriasis patients are turning to Vitamin D, too much of a good thing like this can actually be bad for you. Always, always talk to your doctor first.
  3. Glucosamine is a dietary supplement that you can easily get over the counter. The good news: glucosamine is thought to help with forming cartilage and like omega-3’s, target inflammation by trying to inhibit it. The bad news: Glucosamine is a tricky supplement as it contains substances extracted from animal tissues. So, if you’ve got a shellfish allergy or are a pregnant woman, this one’s not for you!
  4. Chronditin, another dietary supplement, ensures your cartilage actually stays nice and stretchy while trying to make sure it doesn’t break down and collapse on you. If you have especially weak tissues, you can count on this one to keep them strong.

While these are all great and help fuel optimism, be warned that unfortunately, they can’t fully replace other therapies. Be sure to consult your doctor the next time you have an appointment about these OTC’s and you might hopefully have more than one treatment on your side!

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