4 Ways to Improve the Appearance of Aging Hands

As I get older, I certainly want the appearance of my hands to match my face – and I notice that more and more women my age start to worry about the veins in their hands and brown spots that start to creep up on you before you know it! With the loss of collagen in our hands and skin, it can make us feel self-conscious and strike a blow to our confidence, but lucky for you there are several treatment options available. Here are my targeted recommendations for each concern:

1. To diminish brown spots

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) treatment is great for diminishing brown spots as it is more gentler than other treatments. Be aware that while the spots may darken initially, they will flake off within two to three weeks!

Alternatively, you can also try Q-switched alexandrite lasers which targets melanin at different depths in the skin with light pulses, or ruby lasers.

2. To improve skin texture

Using a fractionated erbium laser will help stimulate deep collagen production while removing dark pigments at the same time, killing two birds with one stone! But why won’t a chemical peel wouldn’t be equally effective, you ask? Peels are still an option to consider, but I would go with the laser as it offers more control and most importantly, less risk.

3. To target volume loss

This should come as no surprise, but fillers are the natural treatment option. They help plump up the skin and you can have them applied in between your knuckles as well. Added bonus: your veins will appear less noticeable, too!

4. To eliminate bulging veins

We discussed this in our blog post last week: foam sclerotherapy. To break it down simply, prominent veins don’t function anymore, so foam sclerotherapy flattens them out and removes those dead veins on your hands. This may sound like the ultimate answer to your problem, but I should warn you that it could affect future IV access in the arm you receive treatment for. Be sure to read our longer post for more details!

Always make sure you prioritize your health above all else, and discuss each treatment and its effects with your dermatologist before committing to anything. Safety first, ladies!

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