5 Easy Ways to Boost Your Skin's Health

What did your friend do to suddenly get glowing skin? If she claims she has no idea, it’s probably true – because all it takes is a small change in our habits to reveal more radiant skin. With these five changes to your lifestyle, you’ll be raking the compliments in by the dozen:

  1. Take sleep seriously. Like we’ve mentioned in our Tip of the Day before, little sleep triggers the release of cortisol, a hormone that can break down your collagen. Next time you stay up late watching television, just think about your skin becoming saggy – and that should help you hit the sack! It’s called beauty sleep for a reason…
  2. Warm water is always better. We all love our super hot showers, but unfortunately your skin doesn’t. Natural oils will become a distant memory if you don’t switch it up – and try tone down the time you spend in there while you’re at it.
  3. Don’t smoke! Chances are you know the damage you’re doing to your skin already if you’re a smoker, but just in case you needed us to throw in some science, here’s the scoop: the more you’re exposed to tobacco smoke, the more damaged your connective tissues become. Yes, those connective tissues – the ones that keep your skin fresh and tight. Ash it out!
  4. Worship sunscreen. If there’s anything that will do a world of wonder for your skin, its sunscreen. You might not see visible changes now if you’re young, but you can feel positive knowing that “crow’s feet” may not be in your vocabulary down the road if you wear SPF 30+ sunscreen regularly!
  5. Drink water constantly. Water helps clear out toxins and calms inflammation in your skin, and can even make your face appear fuller. Try drinking about eight glasses of water a day, and not only will your skin look better – your body will feel fantastic.

Here’s hoping you’ll be fielding off questions about your amazing skin soon!

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