5 Makeup Tips for Rosacea Redness

It is always difficult to deal with rosacea on a daily basis, especially if you are someone that’s prone to being extremely conscious about your appearance. Whether you have to work in an office or constantly meet clients, you might feel uncomfortable with having those bad skin days.

That being said, it’s natural to feel eager about covering up the redness associated with rosacea – and here are some helpful tips to do so in ways that won’t aggravate your skin:

  1. Try making a soothing, homemade facial mask. To cool your skin and prepare it for the week ahead, try blending cucumber and yogurt to make a smooth mask. Combining honey, yogurt and cooked oatmeal is calming too, and you can even try use honey alone if you’re running low on ingredients in your pantry. Visit our DIY Beauty and Rosacea Remedies board on Pinterest for more ideas!
  2. Use a green tinted primer. Using a primer in this color under your makeup will help even out your skin tone to balance the redness – try and find one with UVA/UVB protection.
  3. Pick an oil-free foundation or concealer that’s creamy or gel-like. It’s best not to clog those pores any more than they need to be, and a cream or gel-like texture will be much more moisturizing than plain powder.
  4. Give mineral powder a try. You can dust this just over your primer, or on your foundation. It tends to be less irritative than other products, and quite a number of shades do a great job at reducing redness.
  5. Swap sponges for brushes. Having clean make-up and applicators is extremely important if you have rosacea – brushes are much easier to clean and softer on your skin.

Above all, remember to take care of your mental state of mind. If you feel good, you will look good – even if you’re flaring up. Confidence is key, and as long as you remember to feel positive and carry yourself well, it will definitely help ease your self-consciousness.

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