6 Must-Dos for Healthy Nails

Caring for your nails is so much harder than we think – just when you’ve managed to get them to look great, they start to break, weaken, yellow and look far from healthy. Why is that?

Our nails are sensitive to so many things we expose them to on a daily basis, we can barely count them. Here’s how to remain conscious and ensure you’re treating them well:

  1. Wear rubber gloves while cleaning. The harmful chemicals in household cleaners break down barriers of protection on your nails, so make sure you’ve got them covered.
  2. Supplement your nail care with vitamins. A handy way of doing this is popping a pin into a Vitamin E capsule and applying it directly to your nails! You can also invest in treatments and lacquer containing biotin to use as a supplement.
  3. Apply hand cream after washing your hands. Hydration, hydration, hydration! It’s the known nail mantra: keep those cuticles moisturized. And speaking of water: don’t forget to keep your body hydrated, too.
  4. Cook foods rich in protein. Foods like chicken, fish, eggs and nuts play a crucial role in building nail strength. If you’re vegetarian, make sure you still get your protein from sources such as egg whites, cottage cheese and soy.
  5. Don’t skip base and top coats. When getting a manicure, these are an absolute must to protect your nails and keep them in the best condition.
  6. Be good to them. Biting your nails, pulling off hangnails and ignoring pressing nail problems won’t do you any good. Try to break bad habits, or the rest of your efforts will have all been for nothing!

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