6 Ways to Help You Avoid Dry Skin

There’s nothing worse than stepping out of the house to realize that your skin looks scaly and dry – especially when you keep slathering lotion everywhere to avoid it.

Unfortunately, moisturizers aren’t the quick fix to permanent skin hydration – you need to take a step back and assess the things you’re doing that could be causing constant dryness.

  1. Ditch scalding showers. Nothing strips your skin of moisture than a super hot shower – chances are you know that already, but a friendly reminder never hurts. You can have a cheat day once in a while, but try keep the water warm, not burning, for the most part!
  2. Use water-based makeup. Most makeup products use an oil base, which actually clogs your pores and sucks up all the natural moisture in your skin. Opt for the water-based products instead – no point in investing in a great moisturizer, if you’re going to cover it up with makeup that completely reverses the effect.
  3. Watch out for product ingredients. Even though products such as lip balm exist to serve as a source of moisture, if they contain ingredients such as camphor, menthol or phenol, they can actually dry your lips out instead. Watch out for the labels!
  4. Hydrate naturally. Sure, you might be sipping coffee all day – but how much water are you actually drinking? Make sure your body is always hydrated, and to make it easier, consume lots of fruits and vegetables that have high water content.
  5. Avoid overusing fragranced lotion. If you’re constantly applying fragranced lotion, your skin will stop producing natural moisturizing elements – so keep the amount of lotion to what you need. The best time to do it is immediately after your shower – your skin is already moist, so you only need a minimal amount of lotion to lock in that moisture.
  6. Exfoliate. When dead skin builds up, it can easily become unresponsive to creams and lotions. Try exfoliate once or twice a week to keep those skin cells fresh!

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