A Tablet A Day Could Keep Dust Allergies Away

Does the thought of dust just make you want to sneeze? You’ll be pleased to learn that there be an alternative to allergy shots for you in the works.

House dust mites are the most common indoor allergen in the world - so it’s no surprise that sufferers have been waiting for a fix that really makes a difference for them. Because unlike pollen and ragweed, it’s not a seasonal issue - it’s permanent, and it increases the risk of asthma as well.

That’s why the latest, positive findings from a trial testing an immunotherapy tablet for house dust-mite induced allergies have been significant. The trial showed that using this once-daily tablet containing house dust mite extract resulted a 17% improvement rate compared to the placebo, and led to reduced use of rescue medications.

The participants in the trial had a mean 18-year history of dust allergies, and 75% of them were sensitized to other common allergens in addition to dust mites - and 31% of them had asthma. What was especially positive was the fact that this tablet was equally effective in asthmatics and non asthmatics.

Only 9.8% of patients discontinued the therapy due to throat irritation, mouth swelling or itchiness of the mouth or ears. However, these events only took place for a short time. “They occurred typically within the first 8 days and lasted 14-67 hours, with a median 1-day duration of rescue medication,” one of the researchers said.

Overall, the results were very encouraging and we could hopefully be looking at a long-term fix for this common allergen. Here’s to no more sneezing!

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