Acne Scarring: Why Costly Treatments Are Worth It

One of the most common things that seems to bother my patients is the scars left over from teenage or adult acne – and they all want a way to fix them. The good news is that there are some solid options – fillers and fractionated lasers – but the bad news is that while those are the most effective treatments, they’re also the most expensive and even worse, there’s no insurance coverage for them. While there’s no ‘quick-fix’ to removing those pockmarks, read on to find out why an investment of your time and money is worth it if you want it done right.

Today, I thought I’d bring attention to a new filler on the market as well as take the opportunity to explain how using fillers works for acne scars. The FDA recently approved Belafill of Suneva Medical for the treatment of acne scars, which has proven to have positive results within a year. After six months of using it, 77% of the people tested said their appearance had improved, and this number rose to 83%, which is remarkable.

Acne scars can take a real emotional toll, and we think the approval of Bellafill addresses a largely unmet need for people with acne… Bellafill is classified as a permanent filler — it’s basically a one-time treatment. – Nicholas L. Teti Jr, CEO of Suneva Medical

The primary reason acne scars feel unseemly to people is because of how deep the scars are – and that’s where fillers come in. Their purpose is not to flatten out the scars, but instead to draw attention away from deep scarring. By filling those pockets of scarring, the marks are no longer as noticeable.

What makes a new treatment like Belafill so important is how high the satisfaction rates are with it – acne brings with it both physical and emotional scarring, and with new options, it’s definitely my hope that patients will take the leap to a happier, more confident life free of that kind of weight. Always talk to your dermatologist to consider your best options, but always remember that change takes time!

Source: Dermatology Times

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