Beat Your Breakouts

Breaking out right when you need it the least is an insufferable problem we all encounter from time to time. If you find yourself prone to sudden breakouts and can’t quite figure out why, it may be due to one or several of the following reasons:

  • You don’t change your pillowcase often. There’s no better breeding ground to harvest all the day’s sweat, oil and bacteria than your pillowcase – and rolling all over it throughout the night doesn’t help your acne. We recommend washing your pillowcases at least once a week!
  • You’re using the wrong shampoo. We love our fruity shampoos just as much as you do, but you might be more sensitive to fragranced products than you think. Switch to a fragrance-free shampoo, and see if it makes a difference to acne along your jaw, back and neck. P.S. the same goes for laundry detergents!
  • You can’t ditch your bad habits. If you’re a frequent drinker or smoker, the red flags should be there already – you’re not doing your skin any favours by dehydrating it and leaving it more prone to pimples. Cut back, and you will definitely see a difference.
  • You aren’t drinking enough water. Speaking of hydration – how much water have you drank today? Keeping your skin’s moisture locked in by drinking lots of water and consequently flushing out the toxins is key to being acne-free. If your digestive system is healthier, your skin is healthy, too.
  • You can’t live without makeup. If you’re hooked on the foundation that seems to make all the red zits disappear, you’re clogging your pores until they can’t breathe anymore! We know this is especially difficult to reduce in an office or school environment, but at least consider buying the right kind of makeup if you can’t let it go.

Give our suggestions a go if they apply to you, and hopefully you won’t be waking up to surprise zits in the mornings!

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