Botox: A Timeline of Treatment

Have you been considering getting botox, or wondering if it’s even worth it? It’s a decision that I get asked about a lot, and I fully understand why people might be apprehensive. After all, we mostly hear about it in relation to a celebrity or how it’s botched - but it boils down to how good your practitioner is.

A recent study looked at people who underwent botox over five years. While the dose for glabellar lines (the lines between your eyebrows) and crow’s feet remained the same, it should be of note that the dose for forehead lines steadily declined over time. That comes down to one of two things. First, the longer patients were treated, the younger they perceived themselves to look. Second, once they started, they realized they did not need it as frequently, and it wasn’t a hassle or as costly as they anticipated.

At first, people may do botox every three to four months, but that starts to stretch out as they just require decreasing quantities over time. I mostly see patients switch to getting it done just once or twice a year. It’s all about getting to a good baseline - after that, it’s pretty much smooth sailing.

If you’re on the fence, take it from me when I say it’s not so bad and you won’t have to be doing it every week to get the effect you want! Like this study has shown, prolonged treatment over time really produces great results. Even better, it seems that doing just a little can make a huge difference in one’s self-esteem. Talk to your dermatologist or tweet me with any questions you may have, and good luck!

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