Botox: Much More Than A Facelift

We’ve been discussing botox on the blog quite often recently, and that’s because lots of new research is starting to surface about why it has more benefits than just giving you a confidence boost. Today we’ll be talking about how it can impact your anti-aging regimen in the long run.

We all know that over time, multiple botox treatments work to fade wrinkles over time - but we never knew how. Researchers at the University of Toronto followed 48 patients for four months. Having no previous botox injections, these patients received botox injections and the elasticity of their skin was measured.

The result? All patients showed increases in skin pliability and elastic recoil at all injection sites. The test showed that the changes in skin after multiple botox treatments weren’t due to inflammation from the injections - it proved that botox was pivotal in increasing skin’s elasticity.

That’s why when skin gets saggy or flabby, botox can assist in the overall health of your skin in general.

It shouldn’t always be associated with being ‘fake’ or simply with beauty - it can genuinely help the wellness of your skin. And it’s for that reason that some people decide to commit to one or two treatments a year, very much like how some commit to colouring their hair every so often. So give it some thought and talk to your dermatologist - botox is revealing itself to have more utility than youthfulness!

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