Breaking Down Melasma

Melasma: for any pregnant women, you are likely to be familiar with this condition. It is a common skin problem which causes brown to grey skin patches on the face and most people will get it on their chin, cheeks, bridge of their nose, forehead and upper lip. So what’s the deal? It is so common in pregnant women that it is referred to as ‘the mask of pregnancy’, and it’s important to fully understand how to treat it.

First, it is useful to know that the combination of sun exposure and hormones are the cause of this appearance. In order to get it under control outdoors, you need to wear sunglasses, a broad-rimmed hat and apply strong sun protection, such as the Likewise Moisturizing Defense cream, which features broad spectrum UVA/UBN SPF 50+ sunscreen protection. And it’s not just being outside that you need to worry about - a good regimen indoors with daily sun protection is essential as well.

I often see patients come in seeking treatments that counteract melasma, and we are able to bring their skin to a good baseline that will allow them to take care of their own skin routine moving forward. These treatments include peels with multiple acids, which work much better than peels that only use one. In a study carried out testing the effectiveness of chemical peels for melasma, glycolic and and salicylic mandelic acid peels emerged as clear winners.

To incorporate the benefits of these peels into your daily skincare regime, I would highly recommend our popular Clarifying Face & Body Wash, which contains multiple acids and is a fantastic wash for melasma patients. But above all - sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!

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