Cocaine Use Leads to Skin Problems

Most people don’t realize that no matter what we subject our bodies to, there will be consequences for your skin to some degree. One factor that needs more attention brought to it is the connection between drugs and your skin and today, we’ll be focusing on how cocaine can negatively impact your skin.

One more than one occasion, I have been called into the hospital to look at strange rash cases that the patient’s doctors have been puzzling over. The common denominator in all these cases? When I asked them about their social habits, they all did drugs.

Drugs have the ability to cause issues that your skin is unable to tolerate. Because they are filled with so many different chemicals and compounds that we aren’t aware of, a lot of negative effects can ensue to wreak havoc on your skin. These effects include discoloration and vasculitis, which appears as a bad rash due to inflammation of blood vessels. Moreover, certain agents in cocaine contribute to low white cell count or dying skin tissue, which can lead to an appearance of rotting flesh.

It’s important to be aware of the fact that drugs - not just cocaine - have an endless amount of negative effects, but where it really does show to those around you is on your skin. It’s difficult to restore certain elements of your skin, and I would urge you to share this knowledge and ensure those around you are aware of this impact on not only their lives, but potentially their self-esteem and appearance one day, too.

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