Dark Chocolate Could Aggravate Your Acne

Have you ever been told that dark chocolate is good for your skin? We hate to burst that bubble, but it looks like it may not be the case for men with acne.

In a new study released by the International Journal of Dermatology, researchers found that for acne-prone men, consuming 99% dark chocolate on a daily basis actually made their acne worse. This is certainly new information for me as well, and not one we saw coming.

It turns out that just two weeks into the study, a significant change in acne scores was seen - unfortunately, it was of the inflammatory kind. "Our study supports the notion that chocolate consumption in average daily amounts for four weeks can increase both non-inflammatory and inflammatory lesions in subjects with acne," the authors wrote. "Whether chocolate can cause acne in those who are not acne-prone will have to be investigated in the future. In addition, it is interesting to find out if concomitant use of topical or systemic treatments for acne can circumvent the effects of chocolates."

We often receive a lot of female patients asking about eating dark chocolate to help improve their skin, so it’s certainly not a food I’m excited to discourage. While this finding may be disheartening for men, no studies have been done to prove the same results for women as yet. In addition, a small sample size of 25 men was taken for this study, and we hope that this small study will pave the way for deeper studies to be undertaken.

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