Dealing with Excessive Sweating

Do you sweat… A lot? You’re not alone. There’s a fancy term for that discomfort, and its hyperhidrosis. Did you know that it affects an estimated 7.8 million individuals in the United States?

It’s not a small matter, and it’s definitely something you should be aware of, or take comfort in if you suffer from it yourself. About half of those affected suffer from excessive sweating of the armpits, and that includes 1.3 million people who report it as being ‘barely tolerable’ or ‘intolerable’. If you thought sweating while exercising was bad, think about these individuals who suffer from far worse without any heightened activity.

So far, hyperhidrosis treatment usually involves prescription-strength antiperspirants on the affected areas, but rarely is an underlying cause found and treated. With persistent hyperhidrosis, medications or Botulinum Toxin (BotoxTM) are helpful. In severe cases, surgery to either remove sweat glands or disconnect the nerves pumping out the extra sweat, may be considered.

However, what’s exciting to learn is that researchers have been developing next generation antiperspirants to help combat this uncomfortable condition. We’ve got more on that to come later this week on our next blog, but in the meantime, consider being aware of the difference between antiperspirants and deodorants so you’re well-informed about their makeup and how altering them could help you.

Keep an eye out for Saturday’s blog post on this new, exciting treatment for hyperhidrosis!

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