Deductibles Rising Six Times Faster Than Wages

According to a new report by the Kaiser Family Foundation, health insurance deductibles have risen more than six times faster than the average wages of the American worker since 2010.

As a result, most employees who have coverage through their employer now pay a high deductible that means that they are ones who now accept a large portion of the cost. For those employees, deductibles for an individual plan rose from a yearly average of $900 in 2010 to $1300 this year, the analysis found.

Drew Altman, the chief executive of the health policy research group, referred to this behavior as a new, “powerful trend”. And it’s not just regular employees suffering - for small businesses, the average deductible for workers is even higher, reaching $1800 a year. In addition, one in five workers have a deductible of $2000 or more, The New York Times reported.

For my practice, this is unfortunate because we don’t know what a patient’s relationship with their insurance provider is. Subsequently, it makes it difficult for us to assess their financial capability and assist them if they are having a hard time paying their deductibles. In the future, we hope to gain greater clarity, and see this trend subside in order for us to help our patients better.

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