Do You Know About Ocular Rosacea?

Rosacea is commonly thought as primarily being a condition that is visible and only affects the skin, but most would be surprised to know that there’s one more part that is is also susceptible: the eyes.

This is referred to as ocular rosacea, which often develops in patients who already have rosacea. This can be quite unpleasant, as it means inflammation that causes redness, burning and itching of the eyes. Combined with the challenges that your skin already faces with regular rosacea, adding this is very upsetting.

Fortunately, there is a new treatment that hopes to alleviate this frustration. Previously, patients were only able to take medication for ocular rosacea orally. Now, there’s a new treatment on the horizon: topical cyclosporine. When tested against the previous medication, oral doxycycline proved to be more effective in producing greater relief of symptoms overall.

Moreover, ocular rosacea is a long-term, chronic condition and should be treated as such. We are excited to learn about this new treatment, as oral medication had various side effects that limited its long-term usage. With cyclosporine, long-term treatment is a real option. Finally, my main piece of advice to any rosacea patients would be to seek out the opinion of your eye doctor, as ocular rosacea can set in and it’s best to be safe before it does.

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