Dry nails find a century-old remedy

There’s nothing worse than having rough, brittle nails – and that’s a whole other story when we’re talking about psoriasis. Those affected by the condition have to deal with with a frustrating rough and crumbly texture that is extremely difficult to get under control, often affecting their confidence on a day-to-day basis. Nails need 300 times more moisture than skin. This is why dry nails affect many people, even if they don’t have psoriasis. So when I read new research on a possible natural solution, I was excited to share this simple treatment for both psoriatic and dry nails with my readers.

Researchers from Taiwan have reported that Linoleic oil, which is an olive oil extract of the Chinese herb indigo naturalis, has proven to be an effective treatment for psoriatic nails. In a trial conducted on 28 patients with psoriatic nails, Dr. Lin and colleagues compared Linoleic oil with a topical oil – one oil on each hand – for 24 weeks. By week 24, Linoleic oil had a 51.3% improved result compared to 27.1% with the topical oil.

Linoleic oil can be found as a part of most oils, although I would recommend doing some research to find one specifically named ‘Linoleic Oil’ just to make sure it’s fully effective. Indigo has been used as a herb for centuries, and it’s fascinating to see how its uses continue to expand as our dermatological conditions change. Those who don’t have psoriasis but still struggle with dry and splitting nails, cracking cuticles and nail ridging can definitely benefit from using this oil as well. Usually I do recommend regular nail moisturizers, but if this oil is so beneficial for psoriatic nails, I believe it could really help smooth cracking nails for others. I’m excited to see if this works – if you have any personal experiences with the condition and would like to share, please do so in the comments below!

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