Happy Holidays from Likewise!

Happy Holidays from our Likewise Team.

We have enjoyed giving the gift of good skin and awareness to our educated, inquisitive customers. This year, Dr. Pena launched Likewise Buzz, which keeps you up to date with the latest tips and tricks for your skin as well as the latest in dermatology news and research.

Our team sources recent studies on aging, acne, beauty, rosacea and lifestyle from medical and scientific journals and helps break it down for any of our readers to easily understand. Using Dr. Pena’s expertise and knowledge of real patients, we’re able to keep the pulse on what’s happening in the world of skin care and identify what’s interesting, relevant and important for her patients and readers to know. You can be sure to rely on us to help you keep up with dermatology developments!

In addition, we will soon be bringing Skin Babble to you – a video series we’ve been filming all over the US. We talk to real people walking the streets about their skin, what their real struggles have been and how they’ve managed to overcome them as well as what they’re doing today. From acne stories to surprising anti-aging pointers, you can look forward to being able to relate to someone else that has been in your shoes before.

So stay tuned and check back often to see what we’re writing about next – if you’re interested in maintaining good skin, Likewise Buzz is going to be your next favourite source for skin care news!

Happy Holidays from Likewise!

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