How to Get The Perfect Brow Lift

Our brows are one of the most difficult aspects of ageing eyes that to treat. As you grow older, your eyebrows begin to ‘droop’ and it is a very natural process. Today, we’ll discuss how to turn that droop to an arch!

Firstly, it’s important to understand how this happens. Essentially, your bone structure, combined with fat loss and redistribution along the upper and lower eyelids and loss of skin elasticity are what contributes to the drooping effect. I’ve found that patients either have loss of volume across the entire brow, or mainly the lateral and central brow that creates an ‘a-frame’ deformity.

To treat this cosmetically, I would recommend using a combination of both botox and fillers for a brow lift. While botox will tighten the skin, the filler is useful for the lateral aspect and I always recommend this combination over just one of them.

Why is this my treatment of choice? Not only does it produce better results, you essentially get double for the money you put into this treatment. That’s because the effect you want is achieved, by not only raising the brow but also by giving it a beautiful shape and arch. You would find that people would say you look much better, without really knowing what you did.

One of our injectors recently used filler and botox on her brows to achieve this - you can see the effect and difference it makes with her eyebrows below. If you’re interested in restoring that brow arch, take it from us. A combination of botox and filler will take you a long way!

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