How to Treat Aging Hands

Where can you spot aging first? Besides your eyes, your hands are the next thing to turn your attention to. I’ve found that as more and more patients seek out facial rejuvenation, they do become concerned with their hands as well. And as more options for resurfacing and fillers are developed, it’s now possible to ensure that they can be rejuvenated as well.

The options now available are as follows, and you can view more detailed descriptions of them here:

  1. Vein sclerotherapy
  2. Chemical peels
  3. Laser therapy
  4. Light therapy
  5. Dermal fillers

While you don’t certainly need to pursue all these options at once, you can do them all over time. The most important thing to remember is that your hands do require good care during that time and onwards - the greatest contributing factor to aging hands is sun exposure, so be mindful of how protected your hands are outside. In addition, reduced hydration is quite a significant factor as well, so ensure you drink lots of water.

You’re probably wondering how much money you’ll need to commit to in order to pursue these treatments. In my opinion, I believe you can expect to spend approximately $1000 the first year. After seeing the results, you may be motivated to add the finishing touches the 2nd year which will run anywhere from $500 to $1200. You will have then reached a great baseline that ensures your hands will remain looking youthful as long as you protect them from the sun!

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