Hydrate Your Skin With This Vitamin Supplement

Nicotinamide is a word you may not recognize, but has been an element that has been absorbed into your skin before. A very calming substance, it’s incredibly water soluble and is an active form of vitamin B3. We use it in our own brand, in the Likewise Moisturizing Defense sunscreen and have always believed in it’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Now, a new study carried out on 292 subjects shows that there’s a new way to absorb nicotinamide - orally. As a safe, inexpensive vitamin, it cuts water loss from our skin in half compared to a placebo. With just 500 mg twice daily, the research proved that the skin took up water faster.

“Nicotinamide is safe, accessible over the counter as a vitamin supplement, and inexpensive. It may be a new systemic therapy for conditions with impaired skin barrier function,” according to Dr. Chen of Royal Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

So why is this incredibly important and beneficial for your skin? Our skin cells are only able to stick together with the help of water. When we don’t have enough, conditions such as dermatitis and eczema start manifesting. But with the help of a vitamin that helps with skin barrier function disorders, the problem becomes so much easier than just applying a cream topically - and we’re all for it!

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