Infant Eczema: Preventative Measures to Take Before Birth

Everywhere you turn, it seems children are developing one allergy after another. Parents seem to find themselves asking: what could I have done differently? From lactose intolerance to peanut allergies, the weight of allergies can leave parents frustrated and stressed out.

A new study may shed some light on how changes in a mother’s diet can help with at least one allergic disease - eczema. In a study conducted on pregnant women in their last trimester, it was found that consuming priobiotics successfully reduced the risk of eczema for infants. In addition, this was proven to be effective when probiotics were used by breastfeeding mothers and/or when given to infants directly. However, there were no effects on any other allergic conditions.

Dr. Pena discussed the link between eczema prevention and probiotics in this video earlier this year, and here’s a quick refresher on why they’re so great. Probiotioics live in our digestive tract, and they protect us from bad bacteria while also aiding digestion. The most obvious probiotic that comes to mind is yoghurt, but you can also find them in dark chocolate, pickles, sourdough bread and miso, to name a few.

While more research needs to be done on the effects of probiotics on infants and other allergies, it would be beneficial to start incorporating them into your diet in your third trimester if you’re pregnant, and to consider consuming them while breastfeeding. Who knew you could do your kids a favor before they were even born? They might thank you one day.

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