Is Rosacea All About Genetics?

We talk about rosacea a lot on the blog, and that’s because it’s incredibly common and misunderstood. To counter the perceptions of what causes rosacea, a study on twins in Ohio for two years attempted to uncover the makeup of why some have it.

There is an awareness that some things can make it worse, such as exposure to direct sunlight, smoking and eating chocolate, among other things. And what this report found was that by studying pairs of twins with rosacea, they could figure out how much of rosacea could be attributed to genetics, and how much was owed to environmental factors.

The result? 50-50. Approximately half of those studies could point to genetics as the main cause of their rosacea, while the other half could blame in on their environment. Now, what most rosacea patients grapple with is dealing with both factors. This brought to light that while you can’t control the genetic component of rosacea, you can certainly make an effort to limit the exposure to environmental elements that significantly worsen it. Here’s a helpful list to refresh your knowledge of these factors:

  • UV radiation exposure
  • Alcohol
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Smoking

If you try keep these things in check, you can at least limit how bad your rosacea can get. Be mindful of how you’re treating your body, and be aware that although it can be difficult, some elements of rosacea are definitely in your control. Make healthy decisions, keep an eye out for particularly bad triggers, and get to know your skin on a deeper level - you may find it improving in the long run once you have this level of awareness.

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