Let's Talk About Exfoliation

We are always being told to use the right cleanser, the right moisturizer, the right night cream – but if there’s anything else that needs to be on that list, it’s an exfoliant.

Some may have been scared off by them if they used it too often (resulting in anything but smooth skin), chose the wrong one or just never saw any reason to be rubbing abrasive minerals on their skin. Fair enough.

But today we’d like to dedicate a post to the importance of exfoliating, because believe it or not, it’s an essential part of your skin regime for everyone, be it a teenager battling shine or an aging woman trying to slow down the clock. Here’s why exfoliating matters.

As you age, cell regeneration slows down. Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells creating a barrier to the fresh ones below, and if you’re invested in anti-aging, it will help all your moisturizing products and serums penetrate your skin effectively. It also encourages the outer dermal layers of your skin to regenerate faster!

It evens out your skin tone. After you’ve experienced a breakout, you may have nasty marks left behind – and exfoliation will help you get rid of them. The more those surface damaged skin cells are sloughed off, the more likely your skin will begin forming new skin cells in its place, minus the scarring. The result? An even, toned complexion.

It can battle hyperpigmentation. Cells in the brown spots from pregnancy, aging or homonal changes can be broken up by exfoliating. Over time, regular exfoliating will help them fade.

Winter dryness will become a thing of the past. Flakiness, overmoisturizing and buying new products every winter could all be solved by choosing the right exfoliant. By regularly eliminating the dead skin on your face, your pores will be ready to lock in all the moisture that you need.

Most importantly, exfoliating is like a key component in a machine: without it, the rest of your skin regimen will be pointless and difficult. Make sure to exfoliate only once or twice a week, and do your research before choosing the right one!

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