Liposuction gets a lift with a new injectable

What’s something asthma and fat reduction have in common? One ingredient: LIP0 202. As a compound used in asthma inhalers, LIPO 202 not only helps asthmatics breathe better, but its injectable form also shrinks fat cells.

This has previously been used to shrink double chins, but we’ve now realized that it can be used for much more. In comparison to the invasive procedure of liposuction, physicians can perform the nonsurgical procedure in less than five minutes. The procedure includes making 20 injections, about 4 cm apart, at the site of an abdominal fat bulge. Patients come back weekly, for a total of eight weeks. Often by the first mont, they notice a circumference change in their bodies.

The best part? It’s painless and requires no downtime. Dermatologist Dr. Peredo puts it perfectly: “I think this product is going to do to body contouring or body sculpting what Botox did to facelifts,” she says. The science of it doesn’t mean that fat cells are killed, they are being shrunk instead and injecting LIP0 202 only bolsters one’s metabolism.

This could mean that liposuction could evolve from surgery to LIPO 202 injectables, which would be a relief for both patients and doctors. As any cosmetic doctor who has experience with liposuction knows, it can be a labor-intensive procedure. “I would just do one case per day because I’d be exhausted,” says Dr. Peredo. Liposuction also requires patients to take time off of work and for the practice to make large practice investments. With injectables as an alternative, almost the same results could be achieved with a procedure that’s easier on both sides. What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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