Lose Those Stretch Marks Forever

Stretch marks! We all have them, and I can already feel you sighing as you think about it. No matter how or why you have them, I think we can all admit that they are never fun to deal with, and often seem to be quite stubborn. Not all hope is lost though - I’ve been using a fractionated laser treatment in my practice that has shown promising results!

In a study carried out to test the effectiveness of fractionated laser treatment for stretch marks, nine patients were treated with the lasers over a period of six sessions. After the treatment was complete, all patients showed significant improvement - skin biopsies showed an increase in epidermal thickness, dermal thickness and collagen and elastin density compared to before. Basically - it worked!

The way this laser is applied is by heating up one bit of tissue at a time. I’ve seen that these lasers are able to improve red stretch marks after pregnancy, and it’s extremely encouraging to know that there are options to treat stretch marks.

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