Protect Your Child From Eczema With Probiotics

Knowing your pre-biotics from your probiotics can come in handy for everyone, which is why we ensure we educate continuously. I made a video about this some time ago, and with some new research on the matter, I thought it would be handy for a small refresher.

Our topic today concerns pregnant women, and how their diet choices could affect their child’s skin. In a randomized study carried out with 415 pregnant women, they consumed either probiotic or placebo milk from being 36 weeks pregnant to 3 months after their baby was born.

After 6 years of follow-up, it was found that the incidence of atopic dermatits (AD) in the probiotic group compared to the placebo group was much lower. However, the same result was not the case when it came to other allergy related diseases, such as asthma, atopic sensitization and more.

These results tell us that consuming probiotics during pregnancy doesn’t just delay the onset of AD in childhood - it actually prevents it. Alternative sources of probiotics include yogurt, miso, soft cheeses and sourdough bread. This is just one more example of how helpful probiotics are! Besides aiding digestion and helping out when it comes to AD and eczema, they could really affect your child’s life in a positive way - even before they’re born.

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