Reduce the Risk of Your Baby Developing Eczema

This a surprise - weaning and eczema are related! According to new research, you might want to pay more attention to what it could mean for your child - and their immune system.

A new study in the journal Allergy reports that early weaning at 4 to 5 months is associated with a reduced risk of eczema in children. After conducting a case-controlled study involving 451 cases with physician-diagnosed atopic dermatitis in early childhood, and 451 controls.

The researchers found that by introducing solid foods when children were 4 or 5 months old yielded a far lower risk of developing eczema, compared to those who were exclusively breastfed at this age. Regardless of family histories of allergies, this relationship still rung true. In fact, there was no correlation for prolonged partial breastfeeding with eczema.

This is extremely interesting as it actually goes against everything we originally thought, and I was quite surprised to read about this study. But with all the new scientific data coming out about introducing peanuts early to reduce risk of peanut allergy, I see how this makes sense. When you’re weaning, you’re introduced to new foods and elements sooner - and the earlier kids are exposed to allergens, the better for their immune system.

So if you are concerned about your child being more susceptible to eczema, consider weaning at 4-5 months!

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