Say farewell to double chins!

here’s nothing more frustrating than a double chin that just won’t go away! In fact, a recent survey showed that 70% of consumers are somewhat to extremely bothered by a double chin. While liposuction is an option, it’s become clear that people want an option that’s not so invasive.. Thankfully, a new treatment that was just approved will be enough to keep that chin up in days to come – if you’ve had a hard time shrugging that extra bit of skin off, you’ll certainly be happy that there’s an alternative to surgery.

Earlier this month, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committee unanimously voted to recommend approval of a new injectable created by Kythera Biotherapeutics, ATX-101, to help reduce double chin. This injection would take about 15 minutes and it works by disrupting a layer of cells in your skin that leads to the elimination of fat cells. Even better, by removing this extra fat, there would also be an increase in the amount of collagen in that area. To see full results, the injection would be administered for up to six sessions, with each being at least one month apart.

Worried about side effects? The FDA and Kythera both reported that most patients had injection-related side effects, such as edema, bruising, and numbness – but in the larger picture, they were not serious. However, some larger concerns revolved around nerve damage, although that hopes to be addressed. The FDA is scheduled to make its final decision by May 13 and the Kythera is also seeking approval also in Canada, Switzerland.

This is very big news for the dermatology world – from my own experience, I know firsthand that so many of my patients truly detest their double chins! And even though surgery has remained an option, many of them really don’t want to undergo such an invasive surgical procedure that would require downtime. With this new treatment, a simple injection every month or so will be much easier on patients, and I really think a lot of people will be very excited to have this as a new option.

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