The Answer to Reducing Double Chins

When you think of fat reduction, your brain thinks of liposuction. But for many, the thought of such an invasive procedure is enough to make you shudder! That’s why many are now being drawn to cyrolipolysis, a non-invasive CoolSculpting technology.

By using controlled cooling to nearly four degrees Celsius, this non-invasive treatment reduces fat deposits to shape body contours. Dermatologists are praising this method, noting that it has had soaring interest amongst their patients.

“Treatment to transformation has been a home run. Our use of this approach has increased greatly in our practice because a lot of people don’t want to do liposuction, which has more risk and downtime. We’ve purchased a second device to accommodate patients and treat two areas at once, said Dr. Kilmer, director of the Laser and Skin Surgery Center of Northern California in Sacramento.

Up until now, there have been so many instruments to treat fat, but not a lot of them have been very helpful - for the time and money they were costing, the results just didn’t seem worth it for patients. We believe this method is very effective for treating double chins. You might recall us writing about ATX-101 a new, quick injection that has seen significant success in reducing the fat in double chins, but using cyrolipolysis as an add-on refines the look. With CoolSculpting in the mix now, the best approach to target the double chin would actually be a combined effort between ATX-101 and cyrolipolysis.

With 77% of patients treated (in a study) reporting improved appearances and fat reduction, we’re excited to see if these results can be repeated.

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