The truth about high cholesterol foods is finally out

One of the most frequent tiffs my husband and I have are over something simple: eggs. He always insists that he won’t eat eggs with high cholesterol, while I’m always the one telling me that he can! His perception is the same as everyone else’s: that if you eat foods with high cholesterol, you will have high cholesterol. It seems logical. But with the government’s latest advisory withdrawal, my husband may just start making omelettes…

The influential Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has dropped it’s warning about eating cholesterol-laden food. Compared to their findings from five years ago, their new view says that for healthy adults, eating foods that are high in cholesterol may not significantly affect the level of cholesterol in their blood or increase their risk of heart disease.

This falls in line with what modern nutritionists believe – that the issue isn’t the eggs or shrimp or lobster, it’s the fact that excess servings of foods filled with saturated fats are much more of a concern. That means fatty meats, whole milk, and that extra spread of peanut butter on your toast.

Now, this doesn’t mean diabetics can start digging into high cholesterol foods – the perception of “bad” cholesterols still holds true for people with certain health problems that have been linked to heart disease. But if you’re a healthy adult, you shouldn’t be worrying too much about avoiding foods you previously associated with high cholesterol – just be careful with those saturated fats.

Admittedly, all this shows that a lack of definitive research leads to a lot of confusion and mixed messages, which is hard for me to see. But I’m on board with nutritionists: the lifting of this cholesterol warning is way overdue! Stay healthy, folks.

Source: Washington Post

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