The Vampire Facial Just Got Better

Flashback to Halloween last year: remember when we were gushing over the ‘vampire facial’? Well, it’s back: and it turns out it has way more to offer than we originally thought.

To briefly recap, the vampire facial is otherwise known as PRP, or the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. The facial uses your own blood, but it’s a concentration of one type of cell - platelets. Platelets + plasma essentially render a fantastic combination that targets the recruitment of new cells, multiplying them and ensuring they are specialized for healing. The benefit? It gives a great biological boost to the healing process, and I’ve personally found it to be great for calming my skin.

The big news today is that when PRP is combined with microneedling, it now presents a new benefit: healing atrophic acne scars, which are usually thinner, depressed and shaped more like a crater. In a study involving 50 patients with scars aged 17 to 32 years, microneedling was performed on both halves of the face and on the right half, PRP was applied.

The results showed excellent and good responses on the right half of the face with less of a response for the left half of the face. In other words, the combination worked! While microneedling is usually performed alone to treat atrophic acne scars, the authors of the study propose that the combination with PRP ensures this and enhances the final outcome.

If you’re still curious to learn more, recap your knowledge on PRP from our last blog and have a chat with your dermatologist. Still have questions? Tweet me at @LikewiseDerm!

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