This Great Treatment Will Remove Popping Veins in Your Hands

A big problem many older women face is dealing with their veiny hands. Between brown spots, wrinkles and thin skin, prominent veins is just another sign of aging that they have to worry about – and it seems the most daunting to get rid of. This holiday season, why not treat your hands to a new treatment? Let’s talk about foam sclerosis!

Foam sclerotherapy basically eliminates popping veins. While this sounds scary in theory, the reality is that veins that are that prominent simply do not function anymore, so it’s essentially getting rid of dead veins on your hands. After this therapy, the veins are flattened out and your hands will immediately get a facelift.

Why should you consider this kind of treatment? We looked at a recent study by Goldman and his colleagues, where they photoshopped aged hands to remove either brown spots, wrinkles or veins. When they showed the altered and original photos to people, they thought that the hands that looked the youngest were the ones that had their veins removed. Moreover, the study showed that foam sclerotherapy visibly improved the appearance of the hands!

What you need to know

  • Give yourself down time to recover. This isn’t a procedure to do the day before a big event!
  • If you experience any pain, Tylenol will do the trick.
  • Don’t freak out if you see any swelling, redness or bruising following the procedure – it will all calm down in 3-4 days.
  • Hematoma’s can form in the vein – if this happens to you, then they will need to be drained after two weeks.
  • Be aware that if it’s difficult for your veins to be found when blood is drawn, doing a procedure like this could affect future IV access as it would be even more difficult to find a pain to insert an IV into.
  • Got carpal syndrome, hand pain, weakness, severe arthritis or undergone hand surgery before? Foam sclerotherapy is not for you!

I definitely support foam sclerotherapy into the hands if it is performed by professionals who take an adequate history from you, know how to deal with post-treatment hematoma’s and examine your arm to make sure you have good venous access if needed by other medical professionals. Good luck!

Source: Palm, M. D., Guiha, I. C. and Goldman, M. P. (2010), Foam Sclerotherapy for Reticular Veins and Nontruncal Varicose Veins of the Legs: A Retrospective Review of Outcomes and Adverse Effects. Dermatologic Surgery, 36: 1026–1033.

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