Use Your Smartphone to Document Skin Lesions

Smartphones have become a part of our daily lives, and as we dermatologists are learning, our health is no exception. Given that we can take photos with a tap of a button, dermatologists are now seeing patients presenting photos of their skin at appointments - and it’s become extremely useful for us.

However, despite being adept at taking photos, we do also notice that the actual retrieval of them can prove to be difficult and scattered. That’s why a great team put together a useful handout to help patients utilize the album feature on their iPhones. It may sound simple in theory, but it is extremely efficient in placing all related photos in a central, accessible place that makes it easier for both patients and dermatologists to:

  • Assist in following lesions
  • Photograph short-term skin events
  • Follow ulcers
  • Track medications being used


It’s just that simple. By encouraging easier ways to track your conditions, we hope patients in the U.S. will become more active participants in their own health process. What better way to work together than such easy collaboration?

Visualization of Patients' Skin Lesions on Their Smartphones: A New Step During Dermatology Visits
JAMA Dermatol 2015 Oct 07;[EPub Ahead of Print], T Hubiche, L Valério, F Boralevi, E Mahe, C Bodemer Skandalis, A Phan, P Del Giudice

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