When Chrohn's Meets Another Condition

Our blog recently brought up the topic of hidradentis suppartiva (HS) and a new treatment that we were very pleased with. Today, we’d like to continue addressing the challenges of this condition, which lie in combination with another: Chrohn’s.

Unfortunately, a large number of Chrohn’s patients often find themselves developing HS as well. A common warning sign is sudden cramping, and should be attended to immediately. What makes the combination of these two conditions challenging is that they are both chronic, relapsing and inflammatory conditions. This means that because both Chrohn’s and HS can develop in the same patient, they will require increased medical and surgical therapy.

A review carried out by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai showed the largest treatment experience of patients with both conditions. Their results showed that in addition to antibiotics, topical therapies and the use of immunomodulators, most patients will also require a combination of surgery as well as anti-TNF therapy.

In addition, clinicians should bear in mind that these concurrent conditions are mostly seen in patients who are both female and African American. To be able to tackle both things, a multidisciplinary approach is necessary for the best outcome. This means a dermatologist, gastroenterologist and surgeon need to be on your team. While it is certainly extremely challenging for patients, we are thankful that this data and research is available to us, so we can forge ahead by using the best approach possible to treat our patients.

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